Community Service

Willie was hired as an art teacher at Gifford High School and spent 28 years molding the young artists of Indian River county with stern but caring style.  He has contributed much of his time to the Gifford community where he:

  • Helped restore old, dilapidated properties which gave people a decent place to live

  • Taught specialized painting techniques to a 17 year old student from New York.  This was a project designed specifically to provide tutoring on Highwaymen techniques and philosophy to the general public.

  • Donated a special oil painting to the newly opened Gifford Health Center

  • Served as Grand Marshal of the 2004 Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. parade

It has been Willie's experience, caring, and unselfishness shown by other artists that allowed him to enhance his knowledge of painting and it is with this same caring and unselfishness that he shares with the community.  Willie also shares his success with his dedicated wife, Don deLora for her untiring support and because of his belief that there is a higher being watching over him.

                    Tutor of a high school student

Grand Marshal of the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Parade